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87/13 % Polyamide/Elasthane


lilac 2716

yellow 2715

neonorange 11N3

clear blue 2705

red 2709

kiwi 2738

neon pink 2723

orange 2717

pink 2722

rose 2721

royal blue 2704

black 2701

silvergrey 2734

emerald 2713

navy 2703

white 2702

amethyst 2537*

bordeaux 2739

caribic 2736

dark amethyst 2737

fire 2735

mint 11R1



*availability upon request


87/13 % Polyamide/Elasthane


royal 12T9

tinte 12U2

schwarz 12A1

Samt Glatt Mittelgrau 2534

silber 12A3

flieder 12X1

amethyst 12X2

caribic 12T6

aubergine 12X6

brombeer 12L3

feuer 12K9

hellot 12K4

cappuccino 12G4

*begrenzte Verfügbarkeit



87/13 % Polyamide/Elasthane





Print on crushed Velvet 4009-3

Print on crushed Velvet 65022*

Print on crushed Velvet 67088*

Print on smooth Velvet 7396-2*

Print on smooth Velvet 7396-4*

Print on smooth Velvet 7396-10*

Print on smooth Velvet (Smoke Scree Black)*

*availability upon request



87/13 % Polyamide/Elasthane





Fire Scia Gold on black

Fire Scia Gold on white

Fire Scia Silver on white

Panama 6568 black

Panama 6568 white

Panama 6568 red

Turquoise glitter Foil 6557/20 black*

Ventura black*

Ventura navy*

Flex 5072-364 violet

Mystique bordeaux

Mystique royal

Flex 5072-443

Flex 5072-444

Flex 5072-446

Flex 5072-465

Print on smooth Velvet on glitter Foil Chayenne

*availability upon request

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