Polyamide/Elastane (Nylon/Spandex)

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The bi-stretch material Polyamide/Elasthane (PA/EA) - commonly known as Nylon/Spandex- leaves a lightweight feeling on your skin, is pilling-resistant and makes your dress fit perfectly without loosing its shape over many years.


82/18 % Polyamide/Elastane



schwarz 07A1

caribic 07T6

weiss 07D1

fuchsia 07K7

hellrot 07K4

grün 07R8

orchidee 07X3

royal 07T9

tinte 07U2

granatapfel 07L1

graphit 07A2

gold 07G1


silber 07A3

neonpink 07L5

rubin 07L9

lipstick 07M1

neongrün 07R2

dkl. petrol 07S6

azur 07T5

hawaii 07U4

cyan 07U5

dkl. amethyst 07X5

aubergine 07X6

pflaume 07X7


82/18 % Polyamide/Elastane


ERVY Shiny 01R6-froschgrün

froschgrün 01R6

ERVY Shiny 01R4-grasgrün

grasgrün 01R4

ERVY Shiny 01N4-orange

orange 01N4

ERVY Shiny 01K9-feuer

feuer 01K9

ERVY Shiny 01X1-erica

erica 01X1

ERVY Shiny 01X3-orchidee

orchidee 01X3

ERVY Shiny 01R8-grün

grün 01R8

ERVY Shiny 01R5-lindgrün

lindgrün 01R5

ERVY Shiny 01K4-hellrot

hellrot 01K4

ERVY Shiny 01N2-gelb

gelb 01N2

ERVY Shiny 01K7-fuchsia

fuchsia 01K7

ERVY Shiny 01K1-rose

rose 01K1

ERVY Shiny 01R2-neongrün

neongrün 01R2

ERVY Shiny 01R9-petrol

petrol 01R9

ERVY Shine 01S1-myrthegrün 

myrthegrün 01S1

ERVY Shiny 01T2-smaragd

smaragd 01T2

ERVY Shine 01X4-livorno

livorno 01X4

ERVY Shiny 01T7-maledive

maledive 01T7

ERVY Shiny 01A1-schwarz

schwarz 01A1

ERVY Shiny 01A2-graphit

graphit 01A2

ERVY Shine 01A3-silber

silber 01A3

ERVY Shine 01D1-weiß

weiss 01D1

ERVY Shine 01T1-hellblau

hellblau 01T1

ERVY Shiny 01T6-caribic

caribic 01T6

ERVY Shine 01G7-sepiabraun

sepiabraun 01G7

ERVY Shine 01G6-dkl.braun

dunkelbraun 01G6

ERVY Shiny 01L2-bordeaux

bordeaux 01L2

ERVY Shiny 01D2-sekt

sekt 01D2

ERVY Shiny 01T8-atlantic

atlantic 01T8

ERVY Shiny 01U2-tinte

tinte 01U2

ERVY Shiny 01G3-skin

skin 01G3

ERVY Shiny 01G2-haut

haut 01G2

ERVY Shiny 01G1-gold

gold 01G1

ERVY Shiny 01N1-zitrone

zitrone 01N1






68/32 % Polyamide/Elasthane






82/18 % Polyamid/Elasthane


Print 12906-2*

Print 12915-1*

Print 12915-2*

Print 939-6*

Print 939-1*

Print 5972-15-4412*

Print 5972-12-4412*

Print 2889-20*

Print 6526-v2*

Print 3690-5292-3062*

Print 3702-4*

Print 43223-1*

Print 43223-2*

Print 17395-7*

Print 6013-18*

Print 43612-36*

*availability upon request

100 % Polyamide



Helanca® white

Helanca® champaign

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