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87/13 % Polyamid/Elasthan


Shine schwarz 16A1

Shine marine 16U1

Shine royal 16T9

Shine hellblau 16T1

Shine silber 16A3

Shine weiss 16D1

Shine violett 16X3

Shine flieder 16X1

Shine bubblegum 16K1

Shine party pink 16K6

Shine granatapfel 16L1

Shine hellrot 16K4

Shine grün 16R8

Shine caribic 16T6

Shine gelb 16N2

Shine gold 16G1

Shine grapefruit 16K8

Shine orange 16N4

Shine graphit 16A2

Shine petrol 16R9

Shine kupfer 16G5

Shine bernstein 16N5

Shine holo-coral 16K3

Shine schwarzkirsche 16L4

Shine kiwi 16R3

Lack Shine Holo-Caribic

Shine hologramm caribic 16U6

Lack Shine Holo-Gold

Shine hologramm gold 16G0

Shine hologramm silber 16A4

Lack Shine Holo-Silber

Shine hologramm kiwi 16S3




87/13 % Polyamid/Elasthan


Aida schwarz 17A1

Aida schwarz-silber 178

Aida silber 17A3

Aida weiss 17D1

Aida royalblau 17T9

Aida caribic 17T6

Aida orchidee 17X3

Aida kiwi 17R3

Aida orange 17N4

Aida gold 17G1

Aida fuchsia 17K7

Aida rot 17K4

Aida creme 17D3

Aida cappuccino 17G4




87/13 % Polyester/Elasthane


Multicolor schwarz 33A1

Multicolor tinte 33U2

Multicolor royal 33T9

Multicolor caribic 33T6

Multicolor graphit 33A2

Multicolor weiß 33D1

Multicolor orchidee 33X3

Multicolor pink 33K5

Multicolor hellrot-holo-hellrot 33M4

Multicolor hellrot-holo-silber 33M3

Multicolor orange 33N4

Multicolor gold 33G1

Multicolor grün 33R8


87/13 % Polyamide/Elasthane


Glitter black 914-178*

Glitter red 914-1005


*availability upon request

87/13 % Polyamid/Elasthan



Avantgarde blue

Avantgarde green*

Avantgarde red*

Naomi rosé 7223-7

Naomi blue 7326-4

Naomi green 8024

Lack Glitzer Naomi Print 1535

Naomi Print 8502-1*

Psycho Coral Cerise

Splash violet silver

Splash Pink Cerise*

Splash black silver

Lack Glitzer Collier 9959

Ponza fuxia 7773*

Micross V. rose-silber 245

Union Mix

Lack Gotik red 854*

Carousel Aqua

Ciak 7399-901*

Astrostar Ocean-Aqua*

Astrostar Lila-Aqua*

Astrostar Grapefruit-Gold*


Lack-Flieder 6545-6

Star Foil red


Fedra grün 1010*

Psycho pink*




*begrenzte Verfügbarkeit

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